Year 4



Y4 Home Learning

Weeks 1 & 2

Y4 Home Learning

Weeks 3 & 4



Static Charge Experiment 1

Static Charge Experiment 2

Spend £20

Adding 999

Adverb Charades

Car Number Chase

Diary Entry of a Fruit Fly

Egyptian Diorama

Multiplying Moves

Jack and the Beanstalk Play Script

Possessive Apostrophe

Twenty Spelling Questions

Shading Shapes

What's the Rule

English Grammar and Punctuation 1

English Grammar and Punctuation 2

English Grammar and Punctuation 3

English Grammar and Punctuation 4

Adding 3 numbers

Adding money

Finding change

Left or right brained

Lesson ideas

Missing number addition

Missing number addition 2

Missing number subtraction



Missing number subtraction 2

Non-chronological report

Princess and the Pea Comprehension

Princess and the pea dialogue

Volcano lemon experiment

Volcano lemon 2

Homework assignment

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