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We are pleased to include a link to an animated video that both parents and children might find helpful regarding returning to school.


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Forms to Download

Adobe Reader

Administer Medication Form

Attendance Leaflet

Information about Head Lice

Pupil Leave of Absence Form

Pupil Premium Form

Safeguarding Leaflet for Parents

School Letters by Email form

Pupil Leave of Absence Form (Holiday)

School Letter Translations

If you would like our newsletters or letters translated into the following languages, please let the School Office know -

Polish - Jeśli chciałbyś naszych newsletterów lub liter przetłumaczony na ten język, daj Urząd Szkoła wiem

Portuguese - Se você gostaria de nossos boletins ou cartas traduzida para este idioma, por favor deixe o Escritório Escola sei

Lithuanian - Jei norėtumėte mūsų naujienas ar raides išversti į šią kalbą, praneškite mokykla Biuro žinoti

Latvian - Ja jūs vēlētos mūsu jaunumus vai vēstules tulko šajā valodā, lūdzu, ļaujiet skola Office zināt

Late Arrivals

Can you please let the school know either by phone or leaving a message on the answerphone if your child is going to be late into school for any reason, and also advise what dinner they would like to order.  This is necessary as we need to order dinners by 9.30am - thank you for your co-operation.


Please note that cars (except staff) are not permitted in the school car park (at the beginning or end of school), unless you have prior consent from the Headteacher (for children with physical disabilities, etc).

Sweets at School

Please only send a biscuit or small cake as a sweet treat with your child's packed lunch. We would also like to request that children do not bring sweets or cakes into class to share for birthdays or other celebrations. Many parents prefer to regulate these items in their child's diet, some children have allergies and it is very difficult for teachers to manage in class. If we cook cakes or biscuits as part of the curriculum, we will send them home for you to decide when they should be eaten. - thank you for your co-operation in this.


Please be aware that no dogs are allowed on school premises, even if they are on a lead - thank you for your co-operation in this.

Earrings and PE

May we please remind parents that children's earrings have to either be removed or covered for PE lessons.

NO JEWELLERY, with the exception of small ear studs is allowed to be worn in school.


Please ensure that you contact the school office before 9am if your child will be absent.

Any other request for leave of absence should be made by completing the necessary form, which can be obtained from the school office, or from the download list at the top of this page.

Headteachers are not allowed to grant leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time.  Any holidays taken will be unauthorised.  Please let us know in a letter if you are taking your child out of school.

Photographs Taken By Parents

We would like to remind parents that any photographs taken on school premises must not be put on social media.  Even if you are taking your own child's photograph there may be other children in the picture and permission needs to be obtained from their parents to use these photographs.  We would prefer photographs not to be taken.

A consent form is completed when your child starts at the school asking for parents' permission for the school to take photographs for use in school.  This does not cover parents taking photographs at school events for their own use.

Thank you for your understanding.

School Milk Scheme

Our school provides a milk scheme that is available to all of our pupils.  School milk is free for all under 5's and is subsidised for pupils aged 5 or older.  All children in reception are registered by the school in September to receive free milk while they are under 5.  Children will stop receiving free milk a week before their 5th birthday.  Once your child reaches 5, you have to register for them to carry on receiving milk and you will be charged at a subsidised rate.  Children who are eligible for free school meals/pupil premium can still receive free milk.

To register please go to

or contact them direct on 0844 8542913


Free School Meals

If you are receiving benefits and do not receive Working Tax Credit your children will be eligible for free school meals when they move up to Year 3.  Your children can also receive free milk after they turn 5 years old, have help with uniform and payments for trips.

Please complete a Pupil Premium form which is available from the school office or which can be downloaded from the Useful Information tab on our website.

Sickness and Diarrhoea

The Health Protection Agency have advised that children who have suffered with diarrhoea and/or vomiting must be kept away from school for 48 hours (2 days) after the last bout of illness.  These precautions are taken to stop bugs spreading any further.  Young children are not able to manage their hygiene (such as washing hands regularly) as well as adults and the germs can be passed on very easily.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather, we may have to close the school.  Please do NOT call the school to see if we are open.  You can either check the local radio stations or go online and look at the Norfolk School Closures website.  Thank you

Norfolk School Closures Website Radio Stations:-Heart 102.4 FM Radio Norfolk 95.1 FM

Warm Weather

During warm sunny spells, can you please ensure that your child brings a named sun hat to school.  It is also a good idea to put some type of sun block application on them before they come to school.  Children can bring sun block in to reapply (please name) but they have to do this independently as staff and adults are not allowed to do so but will supervise.

Sandals - if you buy any for your child for school, can you please ensure they have flat heels and are not backless as these are a safe option in a school environment.

Nut Free Environment

We have several children in school who either have an intolerance to nuts or have a severe nut allergy.  The school is nut free, including the school kitchen.  We would be grateful if you could make sure any packed lunches brought into school do not include nuts (in cakes, biscuits or spreads, etc).

Text Messaging Service

We will text the first contact of every child in school if the school is going to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.  Please ensure that you advise us of any changes in mobile telephone numbers so we can keep our records up to date and be able to send you a text, if necessary - thank you.

Voluntary Helpers

We already have a willing band of regular helpers in school and we really appreciate their efforts.  However, we always welcome additional offers of help  If you would like to volunteer for a morning or afternoon session (particularly afternoons), then please call into the school office.

It will be necessary for you to complete a DBS (criminal records check) form.

Any Concerns

There may be times during your child's time at school when you have a concern.  Their class teacher will always be happy to talk to you about any worries you have.


Medical Appointments

Please let the teacher/school know when any appointments have been made for your child by completing a leave of absence form (available from the school office or by download at the top of this page).  If the appointment is first thing in the morning and your child will be back before lunch we need to know what meal to book for them.

Service Families

If a parent, living at the child's home address, is working in the Armed Forces we would be grateful if you could advise the school office and let us know which parent.  We need to include this on your child's records.  The school gets extra funding (pupil premium) for these children.


Please use Parent Pay if you can. If you need to send money into school can we please remind you to put any money in a named envelope and mark what it is for, ie cooking, secret shopping, poppy, etc (sealed securely).  Please do not give it loose to the teacher as it can easily be lost  and teachers do not have time to write down who the money belongs to.  The children take the registers and any money to the office and can't carry handfuls of notes and coins.  This also applies to the school office - please do not hand over loose money to the office staff or ask for change - thank you.

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