SIMS Agora Online Payments

ParentPay to Replace SIMS Agora

The online payment service we currently use, SIMS Agora, will be finishing at the end of March.  Please do not try to make any further payments after 28th March 2018.

We will be starting with ParentPay after the Easter Holidays 2018.  Once the new system is up and running we will be sending details home with an activation letter.

What is SIMS Agora?

SIMS Agora is our new secure online payment system which we have now introduced.  It allows parents to make payments to the school using their debit or credit cards. This can be used for paying for trips, ordering and paying for school uniform etc.

For the convenience, SIMS do add a surcharge for using the service of 1.29%, so for example for an £8 trip, you will pay an extra 10p.

All parents (the first contact) will have received their activation letters to log on to the site and register.  The activation letters will expire after 28 days if not activated but these can be extended by contacting the School Office.

If you have any queries regarding using the online payment service, please speak to the School Office.

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