ParentPay Online Payments



This is a secure online payment service that allows parents to make payments to school using their debit or credit cards.  Payments can include school meals (for years 3 to 5 and Nursery), trips, Rosettes out of school club, nursery fees, book bags, ties and other school items.


This is a payment service only and not for making bookings.  You will still need to complete booking forms for Rosettes breakfast, after school clubs and trips, and order forms for book bags and ties.  We transfer the dinner money into our management information system (ScholarPack).  You will not be able to keep a check on your credit in ParentPay.


An activation letter is provided by the school giving further information and your individual secure access details.  If you would like an activation letter contact the school office


When you log on to ParentPay do not go to the ‘Pay for meals’ section, go to ‘Pay for other items’ and all the different payment items are listed.


We hope you find paying in this way is much more convenient, and for the school it will help us to reduce the amount of administration time spent on payment collection and banking procedures.  This will reduce the need for the children to carry cash into class or the office and for parents to find the right change.






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