Early Years Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Foundation Stage (Reception), we plan to meet the needs and interests of the children in the setting.  We do this using our Tapestry Learning Journals which is where we track children's progress through the age related expectation from Development Matters (2012) and identify appropriate next steps for individuals and the class.

Kirsty Stamps


The Head of our Early Years Foundation Stage is Mrs Kirsty Stamps.

The seven areas of learning we cover in both the planned activities and the children's environment are:

Prime Areas

Specific Areas

To help us understand children's development and progression we monitor their characteristics of learning.  This is broken into three strands:

Playing and Exploring - Engagement Active Learning - Motivation Creating and thinking critically - Thinking
Finding out and exploring
Playing with what they know
Being willing to have a go
Being involved and concentrating
Keeping trying
Enjoying achieving what they set out to do.
Having their own ideas
Making links
Choosing ways to do things

Themes and Topics for 2017-18

The provision in the enviroment and the focus activities delivered by adults are organised around themes and topics.  These themes are planned by the staff recognising the interests and developmental needs of the children.  We use stimulating books and stories to support these.  Below you will find the six themes we will be covering over the school terms.

Autumn Term - First Half Spring Term - First Half Summer Term - First Half
Me and My Family
Community/People Who Help Us
Wider Community Holidays
Autumn Term - Second Half Spring Term - Second Half Summer Term - Second Half
Christmas Wider World Growing up and Moving On

Tapestry (Online Learning Journey)

We record our children’s activities on a system called Tapestry. This is a web based system which allows parents and carers to see what their children have been doing in school. In the spring term you will be given log in details to allow you to access your child’s account. You will be able to see photographs, videos and descriptions of your child’s learning. It also allows you to make comments and add photographs from home.

Phonics and Reading Scheme

We use the Read Write Inc phonics programme developed by Ruth Miskin to support early reading and writing.  The speed sounds are introduced in Reception and progress through to Key Stage 1.  Please click on the image to view more information.

Useful Links

thumbnail of Development-Matters-FINAL-PRINT-AMENDEDDevelopment Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  We use this to plan for and track children's progress through Foundation Stage.  Please click on the image to view this document.

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