Who are we and what do we do?

The Friends of Rosecroft Primary School are a group of parents who help to raise funds for the School. The Friends committee raise money from running activities, such as film nights, fayres and secret shopping. The Friends committee meet to organise and plan events and make decisions on how the money you help us to raise is spent. Our aim is that all children at the school benefit from our fundraising.

How do I join The Friends Committee?

Please contact the School Office who will be happy to give you details.

How do I know what is happening?

The Friends have a Facebook page which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:-

You can also contact the friends via their email address, which is:


Spree Books 2018


Agendas and Minutes of Meetings 2018-19

 Friends AGM Minutes September 2018


Friends Meeting Minutes 26 September 2018


Friends Meeting Minutes 1st November 2018

Agendas and Minutes of Meetings 2017-18

 Friends AGM Minutes September 2017


Friends Minutes October 2017


Friends Minutes November 2017


Friends Minutes January 2018


Friends Minutes March 2018


Friends Minutes May 2018


Friends Minutes June 2018


Year Planner 2017-18

Year Planner 2017-18


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