Language of the Month

Welcome, Witaj, Sveiki atvyke, Bun venit, Bienvenida, Dobro Pozhalovat', Bem Vindo, Willkommen, Sveicinati



At Rosecroft Primary School we have a number of children whose first language is not English, and we have decided to introduce a new page on our website called Language of the Month.


Each month we will introduce a new language that is spoken by children in our School.  We believe it will give children the opportunity to show respect for each other’s languages and cultures and it will also give us all the opportunity to broaden our skills!


We hope you have fun learning new key words and phrases in different languages from around the world.


Language of the Month


Please click on the image above which will take you to the Newbury Park School website to view the video about learning Portuguese.



We use the Newbury Park Primary School website to support the teaching of language of the month.  Click on the link below to go to the site:-

From here, you will be able to watch video clips of children speaking some basic words in the language of your choice.




Click on the images below to go to different websites to help learn English.

Newbury Park School Website - lots of resources and downloads to help learn English and other languages. English Guide - a website that contains resources to help learn English





The British Council Learn English for Kids website.  This site has lots of fun activities and resources for children.  There is also a section for parents.

This website contains lots of information for parents, learners and teachers about English as an additional language.

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