Chair of Governors' Statement


The Governing Body of Rosecroft Primary School is committed to working closely with the Headteacher.  We are keen to ensure that all children who attend the school receive a high quality education, that they are safe, healthy and that each child, irrespective of the attainment level they start at, makes progress throughout their time at the school.  The emphasis is on active learning in an environment where everyone is kind and looks after one another.

In our role we monitor performance, not only through our formal Governing Body meetings with the Headteacher and Staff, but also by periodic visits to see the teaching and learning in action.

Each governor has one or more areas of the curriculum that they are responsible for monitoring.  This link governor arrangement assists us in assessing how well the school is performing.  We also ensure regular contact with parents, seeking feedback on their views of the school.  The most recent feedback indicated a high level of satisfaction amongst the parental body.

If you are a parent or carer of a child who already attends Rosecroft Primary School, we do hope you take the opportunities that arise to see your child in school and to see the work they do.  If you have any concerns at all about your child's experience, you are encouraged to talk with their class teacher or with the Headteacher.

If you wish to find out more about us and our role as Rosecroft Primary School governors, please take a look at the other pages on the Governors section of this website.

Should you be considering sending your child to our school in the future, you are encouraged to contact the Headteacher to arrange a visit so you can see the staff and pupils working hard and enjoying the supportive ethos.

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