Lockdown Gallery

Welcome to our Lockdown 3 Gallery - Spring 2021. Please see some examples of work being done. If you would like your work to be added, please send it in with parental permission.


Arlo as a Dinosaur

Jenson as Cat Boy

Ezmay with Monkey Puzzle

Daniel as Batman

Layla as Elsa

Nicole as Beauty from Beauty and the Beast

Look at the photo of the blocks, the recording and the graph by Trixie Keeves.

Winged Tiger - Pantherus Cygrus by Khole


Aniyah made sushi and miso soup with noodles.

Mayan Letters by Violet

Can you work out the message?

Jacob and his snowman

Also clearing the path.

Examples of work by Holly McKenzie



Four picture of Hattie's work

Mayan Myth by Taylor

Mayan Mask design by Tallulah List

Alarna in the snow.

Mayan Mask Design By Eleanor Sangster

Stay Home and Wash Your Hands Posters by Lauren and Benjamin

Phonics by Sonny Newrick

thumbnail of HANDS

Keep Safe Poster by Taylor

Phonics by Fox Human

Stay Safe poster by Archie

Archie at work

Maths work by Trixie Keeves

thumbnail of Scanned Documents

By Layla Wright

Stay Safe by Jamie Leske

Imogen doing a science experiment

Mayan City Design by Violet


Plastic Pollution

by Emily Aldous

Holy Trinity Logo by Ciaron

Ella creates some Spider crafts whilst we are exploring the book 'Aaaaargh Spider' by Lydia Monks.


Read To Me A Story

by Sophie Bulldeath

Alexis Logie Poster

Alexis Logie Poster

A story by Taylor - The Promise

A New Child in Class by Violet

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